Masquerade Masks for Spectacle Wearers

The problem of wearing a masquerade mask for the ones that are spectacle wearers has long been a difficulty.

If you are attending a masquerade ball which you still need to take part in the most crucial facet of the event, the wearing of a KN95 for Sale. However, locating a masquerade mask that can fit comfortably over glasses is a nightmare but there are a few choices open to you.

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The simplest way around the eyeglasses issue is to simply purchase a masquerade mask onto a stick. With this mask, you hold the mask in front of your own face, therefore, leave your eyeglasses totally unscathed.

Masquerade Masks for Spectacle Wearers Review

This sort of mask has the advantage of not messing up your hairstyle, a great consideration for women who’ve spent money and time getting it just perfect! Any mask can be inserted to some stick and many companies provide this option which means that you are not restricted to a narrow assortment of masks.

Many masquerade goers don’t wish to hold a stick all evening or feel a rod mask isn’t the same as sporting a masquerade mask. This is where the choice of mask becomes very tricky. Some retailers will claim that some masquerade masks may be worn over eyeglasses but having been in the industry for six years .

I have still yet to find one which is totally comfortable and safe for the glasses. However, even with these remember to get the mask to stay in the place you need to secure it securely around your head. In doing so you will push the glasses back in the face, not even comfortable or great for your glasses.

In my opinion, the only sensible option, if you wear eyeglasses and want to really wear a mask, would be to wear one with no structure to it whatsoever. For men, this may be a bandit style mask in soft suede of for women a softly draping lace mask as seen on several catwalks recently.

We at Venetian Masquerade Masks are now looking at brand new designs to conquer this issue and expect to roll them out soon.


The last choice and I think this is a really ingenious notion it to paint a mask on your face utilizing face paints. I’ve seen some gorgeous designs employing a mirage of colors to make”masks” that rival any conventional mask. Once painted, everything you do is pop your eyeglasses back on and you are ready to proceed.