Secure Document Shredding Helps Prevent Identity Theft

Identity theft is at an all-time high for consumers, however, this insidious crime isn’t merely a consumer issue. Companies of all types and sizes are vulnerable as well. In the end, when you conduct a company, you are no longer just looking on your own. You’re accountable for protecting the private information of your company, your employees, and your customers too.

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As a company you shop all kinds of private information. From Social Security numbers to credit card data to birthdates, the information you collect, save, and shed could wind up at the hands of identity thieves if you don’t take the correct precautions to shred it.

Document Shredding Helps Prevent Identity Review

Secure document shredding is among the most overlooked aspects of running a small business. Simply throwing a sensitive file in the trash or recycling bin sets a customer at risk for identity theft-and your company at risk for costly penalties and fines Paper Shredding Denver. The general public harm to a reputation from exposing customer info can be catastrophic as well, all of which may bring about your business needing to shut its doors.

The Value of Secure Document Shredding For Your Business
Although electronic identity theft is on the rise, stealing paper documents is the simplest method for an identity thief to steal the information required to open new credit card balances, get loans, write bad checks, and generally live the high life together with your good name and credit.

Firms who have consumer information on paper documents need to use a secure document shredding system which protects confidential data after it’s no longer needed. Here are a Couple of tips to help prevent identity theft in your business:

• Employ a document destruction policy within the corporation. Know that documents you want to store versus which you are able to throw off, and also the specific steps that you want to take to safely destroy information.
• Do not recycle anything unless you shred it first. Leaving confidential records in an open recycling bin is a sure-fire way to put your company in danger.
• Be proactive. It’s always the best way to protect your company from identity theft.
• Utilize a professional document shredding service. This is the best approach to make sure there are no gaps on your strategy to stop document shredding fraud and identity theft.

Even clever companies that employ a secure document shredding company frequently disregard investigating the staff behind the service. These businesses can hire non-bonded employees-even those with criminal backgrounds-who can gain immediate access to thousands of files containing private information.
To protect and safeguard the identity of Your Company, workers, and customers, your organization should consider hiring a secure file shredding service that:

• Conducts background checks and inspections on each worker
• Employs a rigorous training procedure that ensures employees understand the motives behind protecting your customer information
• Is qualified as a document shredding specialist
• includes a secure document shredding chain-of-custody process
• Issues a Certificate of Destruction that confirms the protected shredding of your sensitive files

In addition to hiring a reputable document shredding service, it’s important to take precautions with your staff. Educate your employees to shred all documents before recycling them. They should also be regularly trained on privacy policies and secure document shredding procedures to decrease the dangers of identity theft.

Safeguarding Your Identity at Home
Don’t forget that you also have your own personal advice to protect in your home.


Along with the secure document shredding of private data, among the best ways for you and your company to reduce identity theft is to seek the services of a service such as ID Theft Solutions-the only identity theft protection company that also recovers your identity. ID Theft Solutions is managed by law enforcement and focuses on returning your individuality back to pre-theft status.