Eureka Apex 2XT – Best Quality, Cheap Tent For 2

In my view, the top two-person tent available for its mix of features it provides, in addition to cost and durability, is your Eureka Apex 2XT.

Best Quality, Cheap Tent For 2

It is a little tent, but it is created with all the trademark of Eureka quality and it is available at prices which will not break your bank. (Eureka makes other excellent camping, climbing, and trekking equipment you are able to find at a number of online retailers.)

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The Eureka brand has existed since the late 1800s. From the 1900s, and today in the 21st Century, Eureka tents are utilized by adventurers and explorers who’ve obtained them for expeditions upward Mt. Everest and other peaks in the Himalayas and all around the world.

Odds are good you’re not searching for a Conestoga wagon cover nowadays, and you are not likely to be going to summit Mt. Everest. However, you’re still able to appreciate a quality a Eureka tent in your own camping expeditions, whether from the garden or walking up a mountain. Along with also the Eureka Apex 2XT Adventure Tent is an excellent starting place for your person camper or camping bunch. Here is why:

  • It’s Lightweight and incredibly Compact. And despite its size, it provides two 6.7 square foot storage vestibules.
  • Fantastic for Maintaining Gear Safely Stowed. One wall of this Apex 2XT tent consists of”no-see-um mesh” This extra-fine mesh netting offers excellent ventilation and is ideal for stargazing because you lie beneath the nighttime skies. The other tent partitions are totally waterproofed.
  • The Apex 2XT is about to manage the rain, such as a standard StormShield fly which protects the mesh wallsocket. The tent’s seams are stored off the floor also, due to some bathtub floor layout. This feature assists in maintaining the tent flooring dry.
  • It’s Simple to Setup and Use. All you have to do is add both shock-corded fiberglass rods throughout the jar’s rod sleeves, then fasten them using the ring and pin attachments. (It really sounds considerably trickier than it’s.

A hardy dual-track zipper lets you operate the window at the double tent doorway individually, and you will find outside man points to help fasten the Apex 2XT if you are setting up and camping in a windy place. An comprised clothesline, flashlight loops, and 2 mesh pockets for keeping equipment in the tent are other handy features of the tiny tent.

Whether you are going solo and only need to enjoy the luxury of the extra room using a two-person tent, or else you are heading out with a spouse, you won’t fail with all the Eureka Apex 2XT. It wins hands down to my pick among the very best two-person lightweight tents in the marketplace!