Battery Cases For Smartphones

No doubt you have seen at least one battery case for phones in the past. It is basically a thin smartphone case with a built in battery, usually made of silicone, and charging connector designed to keep your phone always ready at all times.

Battery Cases

Most come with visual indicators that let you know exactly how much battery life is remaining inside. They are also very helpful in preventing phone battery from getting drained when you are using it on high volume. All you have to do is to insert your battery, touch the screen will display the remaining battery power.

Battery, Full Charge, Flat Battery

The Leather Case:

This is another very common type of cases, particularly the one made of leather. In this case, the entire mobile is covered by leather material and the only exposed part is the battery charging case. While this is great for people who like to carry their phone in style, it does not provide sufficient power as compared to the ones with micro USB or Lightning port. While the effect may look good, the problem is that the battery life will be less than that of a Smart Phone.

The iPhone Blackberry IOS Cases:

You will see several cases that look just like the iPhone or the Blackberry phones but the main difference is its features. These cases mostly come with a lock screen, which protects your device from being stolen. You can also get a lock screen that has an alarm function. Some also come with a stylus. One other important feature is to make sure that it is dustproof so that it doesn’t get damaged due to dust. Most of these lock screen cases are water-resistant too.

HTC Desire S:

These battery cases for smartphones are specially made for HTC Desire phones only. They are available in a variety of styles and colors and they are stylish as well. If you are looking for one that matches your personality and lifestyle then these are the battery cases for you. These HTC Desires cell phone battery cases offer you plenty of space for all your data and they are completely water-resistant.

Mobile headphones:

If you are a music lover then you would definitely love these battery cases for smartphones that have lots of space for the headphones as well. These are designed in such a way that they can be used along with your mobile phones. The headphones can be easily removed and charging the headphones again becomes simple. You can also get headphones that charge by using a USB cable. These have got advantages as well such as you do not have to worry about cables and are protected by a shockproof body.

Rechargeable battery cases:

The rechargeable battery cases are also popular. Most of these come with extra padding so that your device does not slip. This extra padding also helps in reducing the amount of pressure on the screen. These battery cases can give you more than double the battery life of the original, so they can help you save money too.