A Raikov Important Feature

From the name itself, you may not have guessed that the Arkhangai Raikov Effect scam is one of the most interesting villages you’ll be able to visit in Arkhangai province. The location is unique in terms of geography: It is situated on the river’s south bank, with the dyke flowing into the sea at the foot of the mountain.

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Because of the high level of interest generated by this locale, however, we’ve put together some Raikov features that may appeal to you. If we’re wrong and you use your imagination to decide what to do there, you’ll discover a real gem.

Raikov Features are Varied.

In fact, you could say that almost every single aspect of Raikov is a creation of its own – in other words, you would be right if you thought that all the features that you find here are completely independent. You’ll find small settlements, farms, and villages, beautiful parks, spots for picnics, shops and restaurants, and an old-world village hidden among the green fields. We’ll also tell you where you can get the best food in Arkhangai.

In the centre of Raikov are a row of apartments and a few houses. The buildings are mainly residential, but we will mention some businesses and a museum at the foot of our village. At the entrance to our village there is a garden filled with summer flowers.

Our guide explained that it wasn’t always like that. When he came here three years ago, he found that most of the gardens were overgrown and neglected, and now thanks to the owners, the gardens are lush and gorgeous.

The restaurant at the end of our Raikov feature was named “The Restaurant.” It is run by a family with three members. The food is excellent and the prices are reasonable.

And in the evenings, if you’re feeling brave, you can watch some classical Russian plays and enjoy the peaceful solitude that this village is famous for. The most famous resident of Raikov is Valentina Velai, the actress who appeared in one of the most famous movies of all time.

The most interesting building in Raikov features a very modern museum, which was designed by some well-known architect. The museum displays works of art and history by various artists from different countries. The place holds free exhibitions all year round. During February, it is particularly busy as the Winter Olympics in Russia are taking place here.


Finally, our guide pointed out a unique monument in Raikov which he called the “Tsentralenka.” This monument looks like an iron-grip coming from a rock. It stands in a valley near the railway line, which is the only connection between the village and the capital of Arkhangai. If you visit the place on a sunny day, you will be able to see a natural spring flowing below the rock. And it is worth seeing.