Full Car Detailing Service – 5 Things You Must Know

Car Detailing Geelong is a very important task that should be given due care and attention. After all, detailing a car is very similar to taking care of and cleaning your own car. This involves removing all the loose dirt, grease, and dust from the car body and then polishing it using freshwater. In short, detailing your car can ensure that it shines and appears as good as new.

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Car detailing requires meticulous detailing workmanship. For starters, the detailing work will include washing the car using the most modern of car wash systems. There are two types of detailing techniques available to car wash specialists: wet or dry cleaning.

Full Car Detailing Service

The primary difference between these two methods is in the manner in which the car is cleaned. In wet detailing, the vehicle is subjected to a gentle solution containing chemicals that loosen the dirt and grime, thus making it easier for the detailing process to be completed.

In dry detailing, on the other hand, there is no use of chemicals. Rather, detailing experts to make use of high-pressure hot water, along with detergents and paint protection sprays, in order to remove all contaminants from the exterior of the automobile.

If you are considering taking up this profession, you need to learn how to effectively clean the interior parts of your car. It is also important to learn how to protect the paint from chips and other damage that may occur during the car detailing process. You will need to know how to make the interior parts shine when the paint is freshly applied.

Many people ask why they need to wash the interior parts of the vehicle. The answer to this question is rather simple-your car needs to be made clean and free of any present oil, grease or salt spray that may have been sprayed by the previous owner. In the process of washing the interior parts, there is a great possibility of cross contamination.

Cross-contamination occurs when a chemical spray that was not properly removed from a previous owner’s garage is accidentally sprayed on you as well. In such cases, you need to make sure that the previous owner cleaned the spray before leaving it behind.

Why you Should Make Use of a Full car Detailing

Another reason why you should make use of a full car detailing service is the presence of paint protection. It is extremely important for the safety of the detainee and other people, while the detailer is working on the car. Paint protection can help you stay away from eye and skin irritation by using the spray as little as possible. Good paint protection prevents dust and particulates from sticking to the surface of the automobile, which in turn helps the vehicle to retain its value.


Before taking up the profession of car detailing, it is advisable to consider the above-mentioned points. A good auto detailing service provides safe driving and protects the environment. Finally, a car detailed by a professional will definitely add some zing to its personality and will increase its resale value when sold. So, go ahead and give your car detailing a chance. You will surely be glad that you did.