How An Attorney Can Help In Your Landscape Architecture Project

Landscaping is all about much more than simply making a yard attractive. While planting some potted plants to accentuate the appearance of the yard, the real value of landscape design goes beyond aesthetic enhancements. Avoid Erosion in Your Yard. Break Large Spaces Into More Inviting Nooks.

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A great Landscape Gardeners Geelong idea for your yard is incorporating plantings that enhance your landscape characteristics. Planting trees that offset the street or block walls will not only make your house look more lived-in, but will also take note of your landscaping choice.

Landscape Architecture Project Overview

A tree that overtops your flower bed or a set of shrubs that blocks the sun from a small flower bed is not exactly inviting. You should strive to create as little contrast as possible within your landscape design since contrast weakens a landscape’s aesthetic appeal. You should also bear in mind that planting features should complement each other; planting too far apart will take away from the beauty of the setting, as will be planting too close together.

If you are working with an already existing backyard oasis, it’s always a good idea to check whether this type of garden setting suits you. With the addition of a few outdoor amenities like a water feature or fish pond, a backyard oasis can quickly turn into an unpleasant landscape design.

To avoid this, you can turn your garden spaces into simple courts or dikes, providing an open space for you to relax in and showcase your creativity. This can be especially useful if you have fairly large yard space.

Many times people plant different kinds of plants in one area of their yard and fail to realize the effect that this can have. For example, planting a vine across the entrance of one space may provide you with an attractive focal point, but it could also draw people’s eyes away from other areas of your yard.

Different Spaces In Landscaping

Similarly, you should plant different plants in different spaces and keep them in places where they will get full attention. Try planting tall-growing plants at the back of your home and short growing ones in front, or mix and match different kinds of flowers in one area.

When planning out your landscaping design, you should plan out the look you want before you put anything down in the ground. Be sure to account for all potential pathways and access points in your landscape design, and ensure that your outdoor spaces are wide enough for visitors to safely navigate through.

Make sure you consider walkways and entrances when deciding how to layout your outdoor seating. Your choices should complement the appearance of your home and be functional for everyday living.

Landscape architecture can be highly complex for those of us without professional training in landscape design. However, professional landscape architects design architects can help to make your landscape concepts come to life.


Their years of experience working with different clients allows them to create aesthetically pleasing outdoor spaces that help reduce your environmental impact. A landscape architect can also work closely with you throughout the process of designing your new landscape.