Full Service Moving Company in the US

“I just moved across the country to take advantage of the excellent service of moving company Orange County, New York. I have tried several local moving companies and I think this is one of the best ones I have seen. The people are very friendly and I felt totally at ease while I was there. My belongings were handled with care and I got to save money on my moving costs.”

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“I tried several local moving companies but I settled for ABC Movers in New York because of their quality of work and customer service in El Cerrito movers. The movers showed up on time and they were very clean, professional, and helpful. They were very attentive to my belongings and they took good care of them. They were very respectful and even made my husband feel at home when we unloaded our things.” Linda M. from East Orange, NJ

Moving Company in the US

“I had to relocate to another state, but I wanted to retain possession of my two cars, which I purchased through an online auction. I was able to do so with the help of my local mocinh company Orange County ca in New York. The movers gave me assurance that my cars would be protected during the relocation and they were able to remove them from my house in one piece, without damaging the cars or me.”

“I was very happy with the service that I received from ABC Movers in New York. I appreciated the fact that all the moving materials and the trucks were packaged very nicely, and the transportation men showed up on time. I think that this is why I was able to move house so easily and painlessly. I am very satisfied with the excellent job that the team did, and now I can easily look at my old house and reminisce about how easy it was to move house when I had to relocate.” Karen S. from Westport, Connecticut

“I enjoyed every minute of my experience with the full service moving company in San Francisco, CA. I was assigned a mover and transported my belongings in a private car. Everything was organized in a timely manner, and the trucks were cleaned, washed and dried immediately after my relocation. The moving trucks arrived at my destination very early so that they could be ready for the loading. The movers showed great hospitality and made me feel welcome and comfortable.”


“I enjoyed every second of it. Everything went smoothly and I was amazed by the service that the movers provided. The trucks arrived on time and they were well taken care of. We were greeted by a truck driver who was extremely courteous and friendly. I would definitely recommend the United States Moving Company to anyone who is moving interstate or from town to town.”