Choosing Curtains Rods It’s Very Important

It’s very important to know what kind of curtain rods are most suitable for your windows before you go out and buy any. You might be tempted to purchase the cheapest curtain rods you can find, or the first ones that you find – but don’t do it! Curtains can actually make or break your home’s atmosphere, so spending a little bit more is definitely worth it. Here’s a general overview of all the types of rods available:

Choosing Curtains Rods

Rods that can go on the wall (i.e. poles with holes in them) are called pole rods. These are often adjustable and can be used for any kind of window. There are several different types of pole rod available, including:

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Long rods, also known as full rod rods, are ideal for large windows. They have a long fully-extended end, which enables you to hang a curtain from it. The other main advantage of using this type of curtain rods is that they usually have matching ends. These rods usually come in two lengths: half rods and full rods. These are often available as singles, or in sets of two, three or four.

Slim rods, sometimes called mini-rods, are smaller and generally have less length than full curtain rods. These are the perfect choice if you only want to hang a few rods on a small window. Also known as mini rods, they are often available as singles top curtain rods. A slim rod is a popular choice for many homes because of its small size: they can fit into places that larger rods cannot.

Retractable rods are also very popular because they are very simple to use – they simply move back and forth on their casters to adjust the position of the window. Retractable rods are very easy to install: you just need to place them onto the window’s casings, pull the cord, and they’ll pull out to let the curtains down. Some types of rods are stationary, others have a remote control on them. Either way, these are great ways to easily open and close your windows.

Finally, some curtains require a curtain rod with both a stationary end and a reversing cord. These types of rods are great for covering very large openings. There are also extension rods available to cover awkward spaces. This type of curtain rod can either be left unattached to the window, or attached at a later time.