Microsoft Office Portable Version

Microsoft Office is now universally compatible with portable electronic devices after they just developed, which now offers free-to-download versions of Office software for portable devices. Microsoft has also recently launched Office Online, an online version of core Office programs, that are available as a Microsoft Office download.

Microsoft Office

The company’s other products such as the Windows and Exchange operating systems are also compatible with portable electronic devices such as the iPad and iPhone. In addition, users can also access a number of third-party applications through the portable Office application.

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Microsoft’s Office provides the tools necessary to create word processing, presentations, database, spreadsheets, HTML, and other types of documents. The Word Processing option in Microsoft Office allows the user to create documents directly in HTML format from any text editor, rather than having to convert the documents into PDF before they can view or print them.

With PowerPoint, users can create slideshows by inserting photos, videos, audio, and slides from their digital camera or other devices With Excel, users can manipulate charts and graphs, mark-up information, and add calculations to charts and cells. In Outlook, users can prepare email messages, attach files to emails, create and manage folders, view and search folders, and search for email addresses.

Microsoft Office offers many customization options for the user to enjoy. For example, users can activate AutoSave features for document creation and printing so they don’t have to manually save them in case they forget to do so. They can also activate features such as Print Preview, Print Spool, and Send To container, so documents are ready to be printed even before they are printed. Microsoft Office Online also provides a feature called Print Tile which allows the user to preview a file before printing it.