Man’s Meal Pies – Humble Beginnings Into Something Tasty

If you’re looking for a good time and some laughs, why not try one of the most unique and happening events in Cape Town on the best meal replacement shakes pie. The Man’s Meal Show is taking the South African city by storm. With a unique blend of street entertainers, street food, and street culture, this is an experience you don’t want to miss.

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A typical man’s meal will consist of a beef stew, vegetables, salt and pepper, coriander and fried chicken. For the side dishes, the host will frequently make a ‘taste of the week’, which often includes traditional African dishes like inter na antelope. It’s a great event that showcases the cultural diversity that’s all around the country. In fact, there are so many interesting food stories that it would be impossible to talk about. So sit back and enjoy!

Humble Beginnings Into Something Tasty

On a recent visit, we met up with Zaneie O’Rourke, one of the hottest young stars in the local scene. With an impish grin, he seemed like the perfect host to lead us through our adventures around the city, beginning with the man’s favourite: pie. He picked up a big serving of beef stew, picked at it with his teeth and chomped on another one before we had finished our meal. His guests were all seated close together, so none of us were left out, and he was soon busily devouring his pie. When he came to take it, he tossed it in a plate and picked up his knife and fork to eat it.

A short while later, we were invited to help set up the entertainment area. Two burly men with beards pushed a cart through the entrance, and within minutes we were having our fun running between them and fending off knives and forks. It was a game of survival, but it was also a well planned and executed family game, which we enjoyed thoroughly. As we moved from the kitchen to the living room, I noticed that the man behind th

e counter was also taking great care in preparing our meal. A large pie in the middle of the table, apparently prepared by the entire kitchen staff, oozed with gravy and covered with a white cloth, looked particularly tasty after a round of applause from the entire diner table.

Back in the dining room, the husband jumped out of his chair to greet us. He offered a warm welcome and requested that we would like to try his home cooked meal. We declined but were soon followed by a loud birthday cake and two giant slices of warm, sweet and sour jelly that the birthday boy ate while standing on his new wooden pea chair.

Final Words

A short trip to the fruit section confirmed our suspicions that man’s meal pies are here to stay. The chef seemed unfazed by the number of guests and seemed more interested in talking to us about the weather than in preparing the pies. The only drawback was that the fruit in question had been sitting for hours, which could mean only one thing… There was a line ahead of us!