What Not To Do In Your Lawn Service Marketing

Lawn service is one of the fastest growing businesses in the landscaping industry. With a lawn mower, rake, trimmer, and some edgers, you could already own the necessary equipment required to launch a lawn service business. Then it just becomes a matter of putting up the physical business end of the service as well. Decide on the specific services you plan to offer.

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Name the lawn service business, too. You should think about what kind of “mowing” service you will be offering: a general landscaping service, or a service-oriented service, such as fertilizing and weeding Lawn Service. If you plan to do either of these, try to find a trade association or a gardening club that will endorse your name before you register it with the local government. (For example, the Green Mountain Lawn Care Association can help you do this.)

Lawn Service Marketing

Decide how much marketing you will do to promote your lawn care services. Do you plan to hold “cut-over” events where you invite people over for free lawn care? Or will you be trying to build a local networking infrastructure such as a lawn care website? Your choice will depend on how much you are willing to spend for marketing efforts and how successful you hope to be in drawing new clients to your service.

Consider what your competitors are doing. One of the things that Peter Zieglers says he has tried is getting the word out about his own business, his work, and his expertise through flyers. He says that he has had success in both areas. In addition to flyers, Peter Zieglers also has a website that offers information about his business, as well as an email newsletter, plus a phone service that he uses.

He says that many lawn service companies have also done well by getting the word out about themselves through community newsletters and on bulletin boards in local grocery stores and schools. The bottom line: Every lawn service has to be different in order to stand out.

Zieglers recommends that homeowners who are looking to hire lawn services consider asking their friends and family if they have any recommendations. He says that many homeowners who have dealt with bad service want to pass along their experiences so that others will know what not to do. He says that he has heard of many homeowners who have been able to improve their relationships with their lawn care providers by simply talking to them.

Final Words

So go ahead and put together a great lawn care marketing plan. It might just be your ticket to success! And remember: If you don’t talk about your lawn care services, no one else will.