The Beauty of Decorative Concrete

Decorative concrete is also referred to as stamped concrete, which has a unique pattern, texture or certain design imprinted into it prior to it curing that actually looks like that of an authentic natural stone. It is a very popular method generally used on concrete patios, swimming pools, retaining walls, walkways, sidewalks, and curbs.

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There are decorative concrete manufacturers who design and create customized stamped concrete masterpieces to fit any location. Some clients may request the company to create a particular style, design, or imprint. This type of concrete is quite strong, durable, and inexpensive, which makes it ideal for many different applications.

Looks of Your Concrete Floors

The reason that decorative concrete is so resilient and durable comes from the way the material is imprinted. There are no veins or ridges in the stamped concrete, and therefore it does not have the same resiliency or durability as natural stone. However, decorative concrete is still more dependable than natural stone, and you do not need to replace or repair it as often.

Even with repeated exposure to water, the color will not fade or change, and will still retain its solid look for the life of your home or commercial building. Stamped concrete is used for a wide range of applications because of the dependability, strength, and long-lasting nature of this product.

In addition to its dependability and strength, decorative concrete is also very economical, which is why so many companies choose to use this material for their projects. If you are considering having one of these imprinted for your outdoor floor or patio, then you will find that the cost will more than pay for itself in the long run. These types of stamped concrete patterns can also be designed into many different shapes, allowing you to use them in a multitude of different applications and with any style of home.

Area of your Landscape

Stained concrete is another option for a custom made floor or patio, and is an excellent alternative to natural stone or even brick when looking to create a special design effect. When using stamped concrete to create a patterned surface, you can have an extremely high degree of control over the exact colors or designs that will appear on your newly stained concrete surface.

You can even control how deep or shallow the pattern will run, and you can choose whether to have the pattern appear on top of the existing surface or below it. If you decide to have the pattern beneath the surface, then you will have the beautiful effect of the pattern from deep within the surface of the concrete, helping to enhance the depth and beauty of the area. There are no limitations on the size or shape of the pattern you want, which means you can create whatever type of pattern you wish, making your newly stained concrete a truly unique and personal part of your landscape.

Another added advantage to using decorative stamped patterns is the fact that you can simply use the same pattern on your driveway, patio, walkway or another area of your landscape. Once you start to see the beautiful results of your own handcrafted stamped concrete, you will probably be planning on having the same stamped patterns done for many of your outdoor areas.

Even if you do not choose to have a similar pattern for all of your outdoor spaces, you may still want to use some of your stained concrete on your garage floor, swimming pool deck, or driveway. Remember, your stamped concrete is permanent! You can always change the color or design whenever you choose to, so the only limitation to your designs is your imagination.

The best part about using decorative concrete is the cost. Stamped concrete costs about half the price of natural stone or other types of concrete, and in some cases, less than one-half the cost of natural stone. The cost savings due to the patterning and coloring options of your stamped concrete will allow you to have more decorative concrete throughout your home without spending a lot of money to do so.

Final Words

You can find decorative concrete in many different patterns, colors, and sizes to help you achieve any design and color you are going for. You can use simple stamping patterns to add a bit of flair to your concrete walkway, or you can use stamped concrete pavers to create a more elaborate look for your garage or patio.