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Mattress stores are the retail equivalent of big-box retailers-one size fits all, with the exception of sizes large enough to drive a truck. Sleepy’s is among the country’s biggest Mattress Store Quad Cities chains. (Courtesy of Getty Images/ Via Getty Images)

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Mattress sales staff’s power lies in the fact that most of them actually know what a reasonable price is for a mattress and, more importantly, you do not. Many mattress stores set ridiculously low prices on mattresses just to draw in shoppers-so when the big day arrives, they can take those shoppers in and sell them something much more expensive.

Sales staff’s

But, as we’ve seen time and again, the more people you tell your price is, the lower price you’ll get and the more your customers will buy from you. If you want to find a good mattress store in your area, check out consumer reports on mattresses and try to find out what the best sellers are.

In our modern age, home furnishings stores enjoy the most robust competition in their local markets, thanks to the Internet. One reason for the disparity in pricing across mattress retailers is that some home furnishings stores have begun offering free shipping and free returns.

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Mattress manufacturers enjoy this arrangement because it allows them to offer great prices on mattresses to shoppers-but they also realize that free shipping and return policies are bound to attract a substantial customer base and thus, increase their sales. Check consumer reports on mattresses for advice on finding the best mattress retailer in your area-and remember that even the best mattress stores can lose money if they over-deliver and under-deliver.