Excavation Meaning in Hindi – What is It Actually?

Excavation meaning in Hindi is generally understood to be the act of excavating something new and old, or of building over what is present. Excavation Company Geelong is the act of converting what is known as an open plain into something that is enclosed. In Hindi, the word ‘Ayurveda is used to mean construction and is the root of many words beginning with ‘Ayurveda. Thus, the meaning of excavations in Hindi can also be related to the concept of ‘Ayurveda. In addition, the excavator is considered a god in the Hindu religion.

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The excavation can be a very difficult and risky task if it is not done properly. So, the work of a digger or excavations is carried out with great care and keenness. For example, in some states of India, the term of excavation has a religious connotation, so to speak, and it is used to signify the construction of temples. In some other places, excavations are carried out for carrying out major research works in archeology or in engineering. For example, in Bangladesh, the excavations are usually carried out by university students who do not have any background in archeology.

Excavation Meaning in Hindi

Similarly, in Indonesia, excavation is used to clear a large forest, for instance. Here too, the excavation is used to carry out major researches and studies, and sometimes, this activity is used to help people in an eco-friendly manner. In some places, large earth-digging machines are used for carrying out excavation activities.

In Hindi, the term of excavation has a completely different meaning, which is described here. It is defined as the process of converting something into another thing. In Hinduism, the process of excavation has a great meaning. Lord Vishnu leads his consort Parvati and her army of chariots, on the auspicious occasion of Makar Sankranti, to lay Sarnath as a mound in the heavens. This is believed to be the first ever excavation and the first sacrifice that were done by human beings.

Excavation here is also associated with the concept of cleaning up the polluted areas. It is also believed in Hinduism that the first humans, after leaving behind the Heavens, had to clean up the polluted areas on Earth, with the help of underground streams. So, we can conclude that this act of excavation can be traced back to this era.

Final Words

Now, let us see how the excavation meaning in Hindi differs from that of English language. In Hindi, excavation means the conversion of something into another thing. However, when we read the word, it is obvious that we are talking about the process of clearing up something off the ground. So, we can conclude that this meaning of excavation can also be related to the process of clearing away the contaminated soil. Other than this, there is also a popular belief that this word actually has three meanings, which are ‘to remove the dirt’, ‘to clear away the rubbish’ and ‘to dig up something completely’. So, this may suggest that this word may have other meanings according to where it is used.