Three Important Facts You May Not Know About Moving Company Insurance

When it’s time to move into a new place, you need to think about getting moving company insurance. Household products moving insurance safeguards your moving company against damage caused by your moving movers from lawsuits to property damage that may occur during the move.

Moving Company Insurance

Get an instant quote for house moving insurance today. This policy is important for both you and your moving company, but it’s also essential to know how much coverage you’re getting.

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The average household move usually involves five to eight boxes, so getting a moving company insurance quote that includes protection for your household items is necessary flyttebyrÃ¥ Oslo. Depending on what you have, you may be able to get a discount on your moving materials, but most companies provide free or low cost replacement items if they’re damaged during the move. You can also usually get a full coverage policy at a discounted rate if you have several household members moving in with you.

Most household items moved are not worth very much, but there are some worth having, such as electronics or jewelry. Those with sentimental value or valuable artwork should definitely consider this when getting moving company insurance quotes. House moving quotes that don’t include moving boxes should also include coverage for damaged or lost belongings.

A typical moving company insurance quote should also include liability coverage. Contents insurance is typically required by law in all states, but it’s often not included as part of a standard moving package. It’s wise to ask whether any extra coverage will be offered as part of your quote. Few companies offer it, but house moving quotes often include liability protection that protects both you and your belongings in case someone slips or falls on your stairs or in a moving truck.

Moving storage and non-local trucking companies don’t typically offer this type of protection, so it’s up to you to check with the company about whether they do. Sometimes you can buy additional coverage from a moving company, if you pay more than the local prices for non-local moving services. Be sure to ask if this option is available.

There are a few ways to get around some of the protections offered through commercial auto insurance. For instance, goods that are moved via a private carrier are not covered if the goods are being transported for business purposes. However, goods that are transported for personal reasons are often covered without restrictions. So, you can protect yourself and the goods you’re carrying, without having to pay for special insurance covers.