Crawl Space Solutions for Standing Water

In the event you have a serious water leak in your home, you must find proper water in crawl space solutions fast before it causes structural damage crawlspace restoration company Kuna. Water leaking into crawl space degrades the foundation of your home and increases the risk of mold growth and basement mold symptoms.

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The water in the crawl space could also mean the water is being absorbed into the walls and deteriorating them as well. Wet Crawl Space Fixes cost is about $1,200 – $4,500 for complete waterproofing, restoration, and repair with extreme flood or other water damage exceeding $9,500. Prevention measures, such as sealing and encapsulation, can also run up to $15,000.

Crawl Space Solutions for Standing

There are numerous solutions on how to remove water from a crawl space, and most are very simple and do not call for too much expertise. It is best to first hire a professional contractor to remove water from your home, especially if there is a lot of standing water. The most common ways to remove water from a home include using a sump pump, pumping the water out with a wet vacuum, or using a wet pipe joint sealer.

A sump pump is a pumping machine that collects all the standing water in the basement and moves it to a sump pit, usually placed beneath a floor. Pushing water from your basement to a sump pump removes the water, but also removes any solids that might be trapped below ground, such as plumbing pipes and drywall. Pumping water out of the sump pump with a wet vacuum or with the use of a wet pipe joint sealer does not remove all the water, however, so it may be necessary to repeat the pumping process several times to completely remove standing water.

If the standing water is not removed from your home using one of the above solutions, a professional contractor will be necessary in order to remove the standing water from the walls and floor. One way that contractors use to remove water is by utilizing a sump pump removal system, but this method can be inconvenient as it requires access to the home in order to pump out the water.

Final Words

Another advantage of hiring a professional is that many of them utilize encapsulants on the walls surrounding the crawl space, which protect the concrete from further water damage. Although encapsulants can be expensive, many homeowners who have encapsulant foam in their home to find that they are very effective at removing water and protecting their home from future water damage.