Reading Vivint Customer Reviews Before Purchasing A Vivint Security System

The new Vivint home security system is very smooth and yet you still feel like a true luxury home. With such high-end features that luxury comes at a high price tag, however, it’s not cheap. Expect to pay $10-15 more a month than many other companies offering similar products. Vivint Smart House was re-branded in the mid-90s from APEX Alarm.

Vivint Customer Reviews

The security system is offered with a two year warranty. This gives the buyer some peace of mind and shows that the company stands behind their product enough to make such an offer.

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Many times with consumer-oriented products, it’s easy to forget the bad points, but with the Vivint customer reviews, it’s easy to see the good things. The installation is also described as easy and quick and sales reps were kind enough to provide support after the purchase.

Customer service was another positive feature when reading through the Vivint customer reviews. The technical support reps were informative and answered all of my questions.

They were patient with me and explained that the alarm system was originally only meant to be installed in one home and since then has expanded to cover a much larger area vivint home security customer service. Because of this expansion, the customer reviews refer to great service and customer satisfaction.

Another feature I really liked was the ability to remotely control the lights and appliances in the house from my smartphone or tablet. You can activate the ‘lights on’ feature from anywhere in the world using the Wi-Fi capability of your home security system and log into your account online.

You can see live what’s happening throughout your house by logging in on your smartphone. From here you can see the motion detected and also remotely control all of the features on the system from anywhere.

In many of the Vivint customer support videos you can see people in various places throughout the house setting up the system, such as at the front door and behind the kitchen cabinets. They do an excellent job of explaining the operation of the alarm system and the features of the smart home automation equipment.

You can also find videos showing people using the various equipment and talking about how easy or difficult it is to use the equipment. If you have any questions, most customer support agents are available seven days a week and are very prompt in their service. One thing I appreciated was that the customer support representatives were very friendly and kept me informed of any problems or questions I had.

The other thing I really liked was the video clip of an agent demonstrating how easy it is to operate the smart home equipment and talking about the different equipment available and its benefits.

He talked about how easy it is to program the lighting fixtures and appliances, then uses a smartphone app to program the settings. The video also showed a live demonstration of one of the features -the refrigerator – using an iPhone. After that, he talked about how easy it was to program the lighting fixtures.