Commonly Prescribed Drugs in Pakistan From Discarded Efforts

The government of Pakistan has often been accused of turning a blind eye to the rampant abuse of substandard medicines in Pakistan. In fact, it is not uncommon to see physicians and pharmacists treating patients with inferior quality medicines in order to make a quick buck.

Commonly Prescribed Drugs

Despite the evidence and statements to the contrary, many officials in Pakistan are unconcerned and claim that prescription quality management programs are the best way of combating corruption within the health care sector. However, these officials do not seem to realize that corruption is a huge barrier to improve the quality and effectiveness of medical treatment in Pakistan.

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Improper management of quality medicines can have severe consequences on the quality of life of patients. Individuals suffering from serious diseases including AIDS, cancer, and diabetes, require the highest quality medicines. If these medicines are improperly administered or provided at the wrong dose, they may lead to adverse side effects that are too late to treat.

Doctors and pharmacists may be tempted to overcharge patients for higher doses of medicine, prescribe them low-quality medicines, or withhold them altogether Common Prescribed Drugs in America. All this results in a loss of revenue for health care facilities and an increase in malignancy and mortality rates among HIV-infected individuals.

There have been reports of people being forced to drink tainted tap water just to quench their thirst. Children have also been victims of such malpractices. Unsafe drinking water and food preparation are another major health care concern in Pakistan. In addition to the dangers mentioned above, it is also very easy for contaminated drugs to escape into the local environment and contaminate drinking water sources.

Pharmaceuticals have long fought to prove that they deliver high quality healthcare products. With regards to the procurement of medicines in Pakistan, they have been successful in establishing that they are meeting all necessary standards. However, in spite of all the proof and assurances, it seems that some pharmaceuticals are still enjoying lax standards.

It has been observed that even the best quality medicines are not prepared according to international quality standards. Improper storage and improper disposal of contaminated drugs have also resulted in the contamination of the local environment with harmful pathogens. These practices must be immediately stopped to save the local environment from further damage.

The rampant demand for drugs is what is mostly responsible for the poor healthcare facilities. Without access to effective medication, patients are at great risk of contracting diseases and fatal conditions. Over the past few years, the misuse and abuse of prescription drugs have also resulted in numerous fatalities.

An overall increase in healthcare facilities and personnel have been seen as a result of these factors. In order to tackle these issues on a sustainable basis, it is important that all drugs are prepared according to high-quality standards.

In order to ensure compliance with high healthcare standards, all drugs procured from the local healthcare facility should pass strict quality checks. All drugs should be free from any contamination as well as expired packaging.

Proper labeling should be in place to make sure that the medications are not mixed with any other drugs. All drugs should be properly stored in a secured environment. Storing drugs in low moisture environments such as storage cabinets and closed cabinets is highly recommended.