Experience the Beauty of Nature at the Barn Catskill New York

The Barn Catskill NY has grown to become an increasingly popular area for tourists to visit and stay over a weekend or longer. It is home to many beautiful attractions including the famous Catskills Ice Cream Festival which takes place every year in late February through early March Barn cats. This festival is held at the Catskills Ice Cream Company on Main Street in downtown Barnskill. Every year thousands of visitors turn out for this unique ice cream festival that features free-flowing ice cream, handmade decorations and delicious treats.

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Nature at the Barn Catskill New York

In addition to the festival, Catskills is also known for its many fine museums. One such great example of this type of museum is the Catskills Museum & Art Gallery, which was built in 1930. Here you will find many original paintings and other wonderful art pieces. Not only are the art pieces excellent to look at, but they are very educational as well. Many people visit this gallery for a real education in how the world works and what is being created today.

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Also available in the area is a fine restaurant called The Barn Catskill which is located in the historic district. Here you will enjoy many American and European cuisine along with local fare. There are many fine restaurants and pubs in the area featuring many different types of music. The atmosphere of the restaurants and pubs makes for an enjoyable experience for many people who come to the area to enjoy the beauty of nature and the history of the area.