Seafood Buffet In Singapore

The ever-popular Seafood Buffet at Parkroyal hotel is perfect for all seafood lovers. With its trademark pink and white color scheme, the restaurant creates an upbeat atmosphere that will surely put a smile on any seafood lover’s face The Seafood Buffet at Parkroyal Hotel features many delectable dishes that can be accompanied by the most delicious cocktails, making this one of the best restaurants to dine at while in Singapore.

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The Seafood Buffet at Parkroyal Hotel features various delicacies such as Fresh Salmon, Tuna Tempura, White Bass, Crocodile, King Mackerel, Saltwater Crab, Mussels, and Sea Urchins among others. The Union of Crabs and Lobsters buffet is also a hit, after two successful runs of the famous Battle of the Crab.

Seafood Buffet

Other fine dining restaurants in the area include Dosa Cafe, Baba Dining Lounge, and Restaurant Roxy. For a family-friendly and affordable dining experience, diners do not have to go far to find it at either Dosa Cafe or Restaurant Roxy, which feature exquisite seafood buffet, Singapore style lunch and dinner buffets.

For those who are more adventurous, the scuba diving excursion offered by the Deep Sea Diving Centre is a fun way to enjoy Singapore’s marine life. Located at Jurong Bird Park, visitors can also enjoy various other water activities such as snorkelling, windsurfing, kayaking, swimming, and other exciting activities available around the globe.

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Suki-Ya, located at the corner of Clarke Quay, serves up a traditionalinese inspired buffet that has become extremely popular over time. The buffet consists of a variety of noodles dishes, meats, vegetables, and savory soup to provide an array of dishes with different tastes. Each dish is accompanied by a sweet and sour pork sauce, along with pickled ginger, sesame oil, and spicy sauces. Suki-Ya offers lunch and dinner buffets for those craving an authentic cuisine experience, and for locals looking for some hot and tasty Chinese food at a reasonable price.