Cat and Jack Toddler T-Shirts

Cat and Jack are two very cute little cartoon characters. Their owner, Eric Jones, has always loved cats and his son, Jack, was born in November of 2021. Jack is so excited about his new role as owner of the popular internet sensation, icleaker, jack dished out a great deal of love to create the perfect t shirts. He has designed t shirts for his friends, family members, co-workers, boyfriends, girls, boys and even his pet Shitzu, Candy the Cat.

Jack Toddler T-Shirts

The designs on these shirt were created by Jack himself. So far, he has designed four different styles. There is a tee with “I am Jack”, a “My Dad Rocks” design, a cat in a tin full of beer t shirt, and a football shirt for his favorite team, the Lions.

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Each shirt design represents something different about Jack. One says I am Jack, two says My Dad Rocks, and the last one says Football. He has also designed a couple of other styles, including a hoodie style with “I am Jack”, and a cat in a can.

Jack loves to invite his friends over for cats and beer nights. He usually invites everyone’s kids to come to his house and hang out. He always makes sure his little guests have a great time with his t-shirt creations.

Whenever his friends go to his house, they can always expect to see a fun-loving kid with their very own cat in a t-shirt cat t-shirts. They always have a great time, too, because his kids always think it is so cool that their feline friends are getting such famous t-shirts.