Can You Get a Free Digital Marketing Course?

When you sign up for a free digital marketing course you don’t get a separate credit that you can use to purchase more of what the course is offering. You are basically just another name on a list, and that’s it. When you go back online and buy any of the products that are offered through that free digital marketing course, you will see a ‘Buy Now’ button.

Digital Marketing Course

What you do with that button is entirely up to you. Some people go ahead and order whatever products they want right away, while others go back to that page and order what they want, but no one else sees it.

When you go back to that page and order more of the same free digital marketing course, that’s when you will receive your discount voucher. Vouchers are great because they allow you to save a few dollars off of the price of the product that you are purchasing.

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But when you receive your discount voucher, you don’t receive the voucher with any additional discounts cursos de marketing digital para negocios that you can apply to that purchase. In other words, when you buy that product from that free digital marketing course, you already have the price you have paid already applied to it.

In other words, you didn’t get anything extra for buying that particular free digital marketing course, you just went back to the site, clicked your discount voucher link, and made your purchase. The site takes your money, charges you for that, and doesn’t give you anything in return. That’s not a very good deal, is it?