Using the Atlantic City Vocabulary

The Atlantic City Spectrum, the online version of the Atlantic City Dictionary, defines the following terms as their synonymous definitions: a.Word that identifies an individual (or individuals) who resides in or about the town of Atlantic City, New Jersey. b.The word that denotes any of the various services provided by plumbers is called a plumbing company. c.Word that denotes anything that is created from brass or other metal as jewelry. d.The word that identifies a person who engages in the act of painting portraits, specifically those done in black and white. e.A term that identifies an area of ocean shoreline where a number of shipwrecks are located.

Road, Coast, Cliff, Sunset, Mountains

Using the Atlantic City Vocabulary Overview

Most locals do not know that the Atlantic City Vocabulary came into being as a consequence of the consolidation of several towns that were once located in the then Maryland County of Baltimore Nordheimer. Although, the pronunciation of the word has deviated over time and some residents still maintain their pronunciation of the word “Atlantic” even though most people spell the word with a more standard letter such as “AA.” There is also some controversy whether or not the term should be applied to the whole city or just part of it.

Some citizens believe that since the majority of the residents live in the outer part of the town, it is not a town in the strictest sense of the word, and therefore it is not required to spell it the way it is described above. The only way to resolve this issue would be to apply the Atlantic City Vocabulary to the inner part of the town.

Final Words

If you notice, the town of Atlantic City does have a zoning ordinance that allows for some non-residential uses including sporting facilities, parks, and commercial development. Even so, when it comes to the legal usage of the term, it is the dictionary that we are using here to define what the terms mean and not the laws regulating how they are pronounced.