Outdoor Party Game Ideas in 2021

Looking for some fun and entertaining outdoor party game ideas for your next backyard BBQ? While we’ve all seen those silly limousine races in the movies, pool noodle is a fun game you can play with the kids that will keep them excited and having a good time kids party games. Kids love to see other kids have fun too, and it’s a perfect excuse to get them out of the house. It even serves as a good way to introduce the older kids to the games they are likely to be playing at the birthday party.

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So how do you set up an obstacle course? The first thing you need to decide is whether you are going to use a patch of grass or some type of terrain to create your course. Make sure the weather is perfect. Most kids will prefer the grass, but it is possible that you won’t have enough and your backyard might end up being muddy. If this is the case, then go for a mud run instead of a standard obstacle course.

Party Game Ideas in 2021

For a themed backyard, one of the most popular outdoor party game ideas is a bean bag toss. This is a great activity for younger children. You can find bean bags at any craft store, including toy stores and yard sales. All you need to do is get two or three cans of beans, some paper towels, and a lawnmower. Once you have gathered these items, put on some easy to follow instructions for creating an obstacle course. There are many different versions of bean bag toss that include obstacles such as tunnels, swings, and ramps.

Another one of the classic games you can play for an outdoor birthday party is dominoes. Of course, there are many different types of dominoes, but you want to choose something suitable for the venue. A fun way to choose is based on the age of the participants. For younger kids, you can purchase mini-sized dominoes that you can shake and roll. The more mature adults may be able to select larger models with a handle so they can be shaken in a single motion.

One of the most classic outdoor party games is played out in the form of gummy bears. These aren’t necessarily the traditional type of gummy bears that you would eat off of. Instead, you can buy small plastic “bear” shaped pieces and make gumbo out of them. Again, you will want to look for plastic that doesn’t melt when it comes in contact with fire. Some gummy bears are already made from materials that are flame resistant, so that is something you’ll need to check out before buying.

Final Words

Other outdoor party game ideas include bingo! If you are having a themed event, then playing bingo can also be a fun activity. Of course, there are many different versions of bingo available, so you will want to look into this one. You can purchase themed Bingo cards or you can make up your own, based on the characters you would like for your guests to name. There are many different party games to choose from, but if you are looking for ideas for age groups, then these are some great ideas to consider.