Download YouTube Videos for Mac Users Now

It’s never been easier to get YouTube videos for Mac. Simply follow these steps and soon enough, you’ll be downloading YouTube videos in just a few minutes. First, browse YouTube and select a video from their website y2tube. Once you’ve found the one you want, just copy the link onto your desktop. Then switch over to Airy, open the “Downloads” option, and select the video. Select the correct format, click the green arrow button and watch your video load up.

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YouTube Videos for Mac Users Now

The YouTube downloader for Mac will make the process so easy, you’ll wonder why you ever paid anything for the software in the first place. You can even use the built-in HD videos downloader to streamline the process. You can also choose to get the most recent version of the software by upgrading to the “Pro” version. This upgrade comes with an additional 30 days free subscription.

Final Words

When you’re finished downloading all your videos, the last step is to set your mac on fire. Open your iTunes and import all your media. It’s that easy! The only glitch I can find is if you are using the YouTube channel, you may need to have the latest version of the software installed on your computer in order to successfully watch videos.