Does Online Pharmacies Providing Better Prices?

Did you know that pharmacies in Canada are allowed to ship to the USA? And that’s good news for Americans who need medication that is not available in their own country. The long answer is yes, Canadian pharmacies can ship to the USA; however, the majority of them do not.

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So how can you find out whether or not your Canada-based pharmacy is allowed to ship to the USA? One way to do it is by checking with the Industry Council of Pharmacy and Chemical Dependence (ICPDC). The organization has been assisting American pharmacies in maintaining harmonious relationships with their US counterparts for over 20 years.

Pharmacies Providing Better Prices

If an online pharmacy has been accredited by ICDC, it will be located on the ICDC website with a seal of approval pharmacies in Canada that ship to the US. So if you see a link to this page on a Canadian pharmacy’s website, you’re safe to assume that the site is complying with the laws governing the shipping of prescription drugs from one country to another. Most pharmacies in Canada that ship to the US are registered with the Industry Council of Pharmacy and Chemical Dependence.

Final Words

In conclusion, the laws that govern pharmacies in Canada that ship to the US are not different than those in the US. They’re very similar, but with pharmacies in Canada being a large part of the country, there are fewer restrictions than there are in the US regarding the shipment of prescription drugs. That means that it’s easier for a Canadian pharmacy to provide better prices to its US customers than it would be in the US – but that said, it still pays to shop around for the best prices. You may need to order your medications online to get a better price. In the end, the choice is up to you should make the decision that is right for you.