Mortgage Broker Jobs in Darwin

There have been a lot of mortgage broker jobs to report in Darwin, Australia including one that is being touted by the head of the Australian Mortgage and Securities Commission, Michael Crawford. In his article, he refers to himself as a Mortgage Broker Relations Manager, which seems to be a title he has earned through self-promotion.

Mortgage Broker Jobs

Michael did not publicize his title when appointed as the head of the Australian Securities and Investments Commission, instead opting for a more subtle public relations campaign including a column in The Australian Financial Review. This article seeks to scrutinize this appointment and question the integrity of Mr. Crawford.

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The first question we should ask ourselves is whether he is really qualified to hold the position? We know that mortgage brokers are independent contractors, which means they are not compensated by the bank or the mortgage company when they achieve a settlement or a successful loan application Refinance Darwin. It, therefore, flies in the face of all evidence to the contrary. There is no need therefore to question the integrity of this position given Michael’s background as an investment banker.

The second question we should ask ourselves is who will fill the role when Michael resigns? If you are going to assume the role of acting as the broker’s representative, you must have some major understanding of the industry and of the current sector.

Michael’s decision to step aside from the role he has recently held leaves a vacuum in the role and leaves open a huge recruitment opportunity for a person with the necessary skills and knowledge base.