The Call Center Metrics Industry Standards at the First Contact Resolution

Call Center Metrics are those indicators or measures that are used to evaluate performance of call agents in a certain call center. This is needed for the companies to know if their agents are meeting the requirements and are producing quality services. These metrics are considered to be one of the tools used by the companies to evaluate their agents and their system as well.

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The basic function of these indicators is to provide information on how well the agents handle calls, the number of calls made by the agents, and also the number of calls that were attended by the agent’s call center metrics. All of this data will be used to determine where improvements should be made in order to achieve higher productivity and improve overall performance.

Call Center Metrics Industry

Call center metrics industry standards to include four types of metrics: The top-down call-center metric refers to the most common type of metrics that are used at the moment. This type is mainly used in managing the internal calls handled by the call center employees, such as transferring of calls from soft line to toll free number, answering of soft inquiries, call queuing and so on. The second type is the KPI, which stand for key performance indicator, and is basically an indicator that summarize the key factors that affect the overall performance of an agent. The three other types are the software metrics, real-time metrics and the web analytics, which are mostly utilized by the IT support companies.

Call center metrics industry standards state that the first contact resolution takes place when an agent successfully manages to convince a caller to press any of the key buttons and answers that are related to the service that the company is offering. Once this is successfully achieved, the next step is to convince the customer to provide a specific action, such as filling out a survey, or calling a live representative.

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The third type of metrics that is important at this point is the KPI, which stand for key performance indicator, and is usually displayed as a percentage value against a standard average. Call center management is not just about providing excellent customer services and making good sales and revenue numbers. It is also about getting and keeping the most favorable first contact resolution ratio.