Law Firm Partner Salary – Important Details To Know Before Hiring A Partner

The average Law Firm Partner salary in White Plains, NY differs from location to location. The typical Law Firm Partner salary in White Plains is slightly higher than the national average, but the median salary range is substantially lower. Salaries of partners at top law firms can easily reach into the millions of dollars per year, so your choice in a law firm matters. The majority of partners in the nation are female, which can effect your law firm partner salary, as well as the partner’s experience.

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Law Firm Partner Salary

If you choose a law firm in New York that doesn’t come highly recommended by a former partner or current partner, you could be in for a tough bargaining session at Leduc Law Firm. If you don’t mind taking a few salary cuts in exchange for a great partner with whom you share a lot of personal and professional similarities, it may be a good business move. Most partners are happy to accept a smaller paycheck if it means they’ll continue to work with a great law firm. If you aren’t ready to accept some major wage cuts, you might find yourself out of a job as quickly as you entered it.

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Law firm partners receive a hefty annual retainer, and most must work very hard to earn that money back. The initial fee is typically small but can increase significantly as time goes on. It isn’t uncommon for partners to receive bonuses at the end of the year, though it’s not customary to hand out large bonuses to clients (unless you’re winning the case.) Many firms in New York require lawyers to be employed full-time at the firm in order to receive this type of bonus. Law firm partner salary is an important matter to discuss with your law firm’s management team before beginning a relationship.