Dental Clinics For Low-Income Families

Dental clinics for low-income families are a common sight in many neighborhoods. Many neighborhoods provide free dental care close to their location for people who don’t have dental insurance. Oftentimes, free dental clinics feature dental services that are a fraction of what a dental office would charge for the same service.

Dental Clinics

Oftentimes, the dental clinics for low income are run by members of the local medical community, or the local hospital serving as a dental facility on a low-cost basis. The dental clinics are a way for these low-income patients to receive routine dental care at an affordable price.

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Many of these clinics offer comprehensive health care services, such as basic checkups, dental exams, x-rays, and sometimes prescriptions. If there is a dentist that is willing to take a patient that doesn’t have health insurance, they may even offer a discount on the services rendered.

This means that the usual cost of a teeth cleaning will be covered, along with any preventative dental problems that will need to be treated visit their site. Some dental clinics for low-income patients will also offer emergency services, such as tooth extraction and emergency tooth replacement, which is always an option for serious health problems.

Low-income families often receive dental treatment at clinics that are run by the Catholic Church. In some areas, the Diaper Health Program runs the clinics, providing low-cost care to families who need assistance. Another option is to find a woman’s, or gay/bisexual, clinic that provides services to the community, regardless of religious affiliation.

One important thing to remember when searching for these types of clinics is that oftentimes the dental clinic is part of a health care program that is offered by the local government. Some of these clinics will only treat patients who are low-income, meaning that you may have to fill out a FAFSA form in order to be eligible for any of the different health care programs.