A Brief Look at Towing Capability

The towing capacity of a tow vehicle is defined as the maximum weight of the tow vehicle that can be towed by a qualified driver. The actual weight of the tow vehicle is typically found on the unit meter which indicates the weight of the tow vehicle in pounds and is usually in the mid to high eight-figures.

Towing Capability

Most tow vehicles are in the upper eight hundred to a thousand-pound capacity range. If the weight is much lower than what the meter tells you, it may be wise to contact your tow trucker for more information.

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There are many manufacturers of tow vehicles such as Nissan, Dodge, and Wabash National towing services. They have all designed their vehicles to tow different types of trailers and different kinds of loads. Some tow trucks will tow one type of trailer while others will not tow certain trailers.

It would be a good idea to ask your local towing company for a list of vehicles that they tow so you will know what type of trailer your vehicle can tow. Also, some tow vehicles are only able to tow one particular size of trailer whereas other tow vehicles are able to tow most anything.

The higher the torque of the tow vehicle, the greater the weight that it can tow. Tow trucks can be classified according to how many axles and what kind of engines they have on them.

If you are interested in a vehicle with an engine of four-wheel drive, then it would be wise to find a tow vehicle with at least sixteen axles. Towing capacity will depend upon how many vehicles you want to tow and how many axles your vehicle has.