The Recording Academy – Must Read For Any Music Enthusiast

The Music Marketing Academy has been growing steadily in popularity across both Twitter and Facebook and there’s potentially millions of reasons why this could be – but, as yet, there’s only 16 tangible reasons to why and perhaps more should be added.

Music Enthusiast

But the main reason I think the Music Marketing Academy is one of the best resources out there (besides mastering the guitar maybe?) is the one attached to it: it teaches you all of the basics about how to online music production course market yourself on the web.

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This includes search engine optimization, which is important because a lot of what draws people to your site is through search engines (particularly Google, Yahoo, and Bing). Also, all the training on how to write effective marketing campaigns and how to get your music heard is invaluable and this will save you countless hours trying to get your music heard over again.

The second most vital piece of content that the Music Marketing Academy offers is the “backing tracks“. This is a two-hour episode that covers everything from how to get your name out there, writing effective marketing campaigns, social media marketing, and more.

It also gives you access to their own music library (although unfortunately, this is only available to premium members). The “Intensive” is where you’ll learn how to market yourself on the web, as well as how to write a powerful and captivating press release, how to record a radio broadcast and how to record a TV show which will drive thousands of people to your website.

Although this is a great resource if you plan on using the music marketing courses you can still benefit from the Audio Academy which was created by Dan Czyzewski himself This is basically a collection of audio podcasts, which discuss various music-related topics.

This is a great way to learn about music theory, mixing and mastering, and even how to write a solid SEO article (which is incredibly important when it comes to using the internet to market yourself). If you’re a complete beginner and don’t want to worry about understanding complex music instruments this is one of the best options for you.