How to Keep Ants Out of Your Garden

If you’ve ever tried to keep ants out of your garden, you’ll be pleased to learn that this is much easier than you might think. Fortunately, there are several simple methods for keeping ants at bay. Adding thick wood chip mulch will suppress weeds and retain moisture, both of which are good things for your plants.

Ants Out of Your Garden

But be careful! Not only will this product kill beneficial insects, but it will also enrich the soil. If you’d rather not use a chemical pesticide, you can use an organic one. Just remember that, however, that you may still need to add soil amendments to your plant’s health, so you’ll have to be patient.

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Using a natural repellent is another effective way to repel ants. Many people find pure detergent to be effective, and a jar of honey placed in a remote location will also keep them away from the kitchen how to keep ants out of garden. While it won’t kill ants, rotting wood and old tree stumps can attract these pests. To repel ants, you can also sprinkle the mixture of cinnamon and honey around the base of the wood or bushes.

If you can’t find a spray made specifically for ants, you can always use hot water to suffocate them. The vinegar will also destroy their scent trail and kill ants on contact, though it can burn delicate plants. Alternatively, you can use pepper spray, but be careful that it will damage your plants! You may want to experiment first to determine which method works best for your garden.

You can also try applying a solution of borax and sugar, which ants hate. The mixture will not kill ants, but it will deter them from coming into contact with the mixture. Diatomaceous earth, another natural pesticide, is also effective against ant colonies. EPA-registered and food-grade, this product will also help you to grow a healthier garden. This method is very effective for vegetable gardens.

You can also try spraying your garden with a natural pesticide. Some people use borax to kill ants, but this won’t work in every case. The main problem is that ant poison is toxic to humans. Thankfully, there are a few more natural pesticides you can try. While it’s not recommended to use it on your plants, it will help to repel them. When you’re trying to kill an ant colony, it may take several attempts to eliminate the queen.

If you’re having trouble keeping ants at bay, you can try using some natural insecticides. Generally, these will not kill ants, but they will prevent them from thriving in your garden. But you can also try adding beneficial nematodes to your garden. If you’re not sure which of these two approaches is best for your garden, you can apply orange spray or grapefruit peel extract to your plants.