The Walkie Talkie Building Melted A Car

A new skyscraper in London has caused some controversy and a melted car! The Walkie Talkie building, which is known for its iconic shape, is a new type of skyscraper that has curved exterior walls.

Walkie Talkie Building

This structure was constructed in 2013 for $345 million by internationally renowned architect Rafael Vinoly. Last year, the tower was hit by a violent storm, causing damage to a nearby car.

Soldier, Man, War, Black, Army

A recent storm caused the facade of the Walkie Talkie building to melt a car parked outside. The intense radiation from the sun’s rays reflected off the shiny gold-plated facade, melting the car professional walkie talkies. The heat and water-soaked the car’s carpets, which led to the nearby street parties. A health and safety auditor also saw the melted car and decided to take action.

The melted car was a result of the Walkie Talkie building’s unusual design. This particular skyscraper is notorious for its draughts, which have been causing major damage to parked cars. Owners of other cars have also reported melted parts. A fire department official said that the project could cost lives, but they are not ruling out a faulty installation.