Irish Republic Army Definition

The Irish Republic Army (IRA) is a group of armed men and women that are headquartered in Northern Ireland. The IRA is divided into two main commands, the Northern and the Southern Command.

The Northern Command covers ten counties, while the Southern Command covers twenty-one counties. The IRA is governed by an executive board that meets at least once a month, called the Army Council. The IRA is governed by the Army Council when it is not in session.

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Irish Republic Army

The IRA’s definition is based on the constitution that is drafted by the army. The Army Council is comprised of representatives from the provinces of Ulster. The IRA demobilized in 2005 and was no longer a threat to the British government Dublin. While the IRA has maintained strong political activity throughout the Troubles, recent developments in the conflict have led to a halt to military operations.

The IRA is an armed group that fought for the independence of Ireland in the late nineteenth and early twentieth centuries. The IRA considers itself the direct representative of the 1918 Dail Eireann, the Irish National Assembly, and the Irish Republic. This gives it the legal right to carry out military campaigns. It also believes that the IRA is the legitimate successor of the IRA. But what is the IRA, exactly?

While the IRA’s history is unclear, it is an ongoing armed movement that has been active for nearly fifty years. In the late 1960s, the IRA was considered a dangerous terrorist group. By the late 1970s, the IRA apologized to the families of those killed in the 1972 “Bloody Friday” bombings.

The State Department never listed the IRA as a terrorist organization, though the British Home Office does list all of the IRA groups as proscribed organizations. In July 2005, the IRLA officially ended its armed campaign to reunite Ireland. The IRA has decommissioned all of its weapons, according to an independent report.

The IRA has a political wing called Sinn Fein. Its name, in Gaelic, means “Ourselves Alone.” Its members hold various government positions in Northern Ireland. It is the only major armed group in the region that has not fought a major war. However, the IRA is still in existence today and has become a reformed force. The IRA definition does not include its history.

In addition to the political wing, the IRA has its own military units. In the early years of the Troubles, the IRA was primarily a political force. The IRA also had a strong presence in the city of Derry. In fact, both areas were the home of major IRA operations. The IRA’s military apparatus had a resemblance to a British army.